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Here at Benita we’ve always been a bit different.


Coming from a little island in the Atlantic, Benita is a family establishment named after our Grandmother, a feisty and bold woman born inside an old chocolate factory in 1912. Benita was known for her family values, zeal for life, and magnificent home-cooking. So much so that during the Civil War, Benita’s father, in defiance of the authorities,  baked bread with white flour at a time when it was illegal, distributing these loaves and other treats amongst the village, keeping morale up during a time of great hardship. That is to say that at Benita bakery we know the value of sharing tradition and culture with friends and family, and that you never compromise on ingredients!


Drawing on our Grandmother’s bold spirit and love of baking, I chose to relocate with my family to London, one of the largest and most challenging cities in the world. It was a far cry from the small village we had grown up in, but we decided to set up our lives here and bring joy to people in the way our wonderful grandmother had all those years ago. 


Carrying on the family tradition, and still using many of my grandmother’s recipes today, our fresh breads and baked goods, prepared and baked in-house everyday may well be in a very different setting to the sleepy wood ovens of Gran Canaria, but we still embrace that generous family mantra;  that good food and great company can overcome any adversity. 

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